My family moved in across the street from the corn field that became Coronado High School in 1959. These photos are ones my dad took of the initial construction of Coronado.

There wasn’t much to Scottsdale then. My dad came to Arizona from Ohio (where my brother and sister and I were born) to go to work for Motorola. We lived first in the Valley Ho Hotel:

We lived there for a few months while the house on Virginia Avenue was finished.

Arizona was a wonderland for three kids who loved to travel (I was notorious for getting car sick at exactly 4000 feet), camp, and enjoy the beautiful Arizona scenery and weather.

They tell me I almost walked off the edge of the Grand Canyon when I was two….

And I became a cowgirl! Back then, dressing up in western gear was all the rage. We all had cowboy hats, boots, toy guns, and all the cowboy attire. We would go to the Parada del Sol every year and the Scottsdale Rodeo.

In time, we all grew up and my sister, my brother and I all graduated from Coronado High School.

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— Donna Woodka