Great slides here from Robert on the new construction!

CHS Construction

In this issue of the Coronado High Alumni Newsletter:

* View Photos of the Inside of the New Classroom Building
* Coronado Campus Demolition Begins
* Support Project Graduation
* Coronado Through the Decades Video Now Available on DVD

Virtual Tour of New Classroom Building
On April 20th a small group of “dignitaries” and the CHS Alumni
Association Newsletter Editor took a tour of the new two-story
at Coronado High. Photos can be viewed on Kodak’s Gallery website by
clicking here :

Coronado Tour

(Disclaimer: Notification of these photos posted on Kodak’s web site
meant for viewing only and is not a solicitation to purchase photos.)

Coronado Campus Demolition Begins

The CHS auditorium and the Band Room were vacated two weeks before the
end of the school year. Photos of the removal of the mosaic,
demolition of the Band Room, and the new parking lot can be viewed by clicking here:


(Donna’s note: I really hope that mural is being preserved! It *defines* Coronado for me! It’s going to be strange to be there for the reunion and not see it.)

Coronado Through the Decades Video Now Available on DVD
The final performance in the Coronado High Auditorium was held on May
13th and is now available on DVD. The talent included Coronado alumni,
current students, and faculty. There are forty acts of song, dance,
music, and poetry with the highlights of the show being the Dons
Marching Band playing the CHS fight song and

the finale – the ensemble and audience signing the Coronado High hymn.
The two disk set is available for $20.00 which includes shipping. For
more information on how to order your copy of the Coronado Through the
Decades video please send an email message to Robert Swierski

For questions, comments, or if you change your email address, please
contact the newsletter editor
rp dot swierski at cox dot net.

Go Dons!

Robert Swierski, ’66
Editor, Coronado High Alumni Newsletter